Worst nutritional advice ever!


The WORST nutritional advice I ever received is when I asked a personal trainer what I  should eat mid-afternoon to curb my hunger and give me energy till dinner time and was advised to eat a bagel.  She said they are low fat and low calorie.  Tried this and realized how wrong she was when 20 mins after eating a plain bagel  and  getting the initial energy boost I was suddenly LOW on energy and craving another one.  Two can’t hurt, right?  YIKES!  I then proceeded to ride a roller coaster of energy highs and lows the rest of the day.  HOLY COW, what is happening, I wondered – 3 bagels and 750 calories later! GEEZ…

Carbs, like these bagels, eaten alone cause a rapid rise in your insulin and shortly thereafter, your blood sugar drops quickly and causes a craving for a similar quick fix, like another bagel.  Bagels aren’t necessarily bad, just should be balanced with protein and healthy fat to keep your insulin levels constant and therefore your blood sugar and energy levels  steady. Lesson learned!