be the best you

be the best you

Most people eat in a way that forces the body to work harder.

Food is the primary fuel that helps you sleep and feel better, trims excess body fat, slows the aging process, makes your workouts more effective and energises you, but only if you know how to harness it.

“LifeUpright is about guiding you strategically with nutrition & lifestyle changes on a personal journey to optimal wellness to be the best version of you!”

To find out more, register today for one of my Wellness Workshops:


  • “Hormonal Responses to Diet & Lifestyle” presented on Friday, 14 May OR Saturday, 16 May from 11-12:00noon at Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Club (1 Tennis Lane, Parnell), Level 2.  RSVP to susan@lifeupright.com  Cost: $20 per person, payable by cash or direct debit.  Indicate which day preferred. All are welcome to attend.
  • Nutritional Fundamentals Class at Next Gen Health & Lifestyle Club (1 Tennis Lane, Parnell) – postponed until further notice.
  • LifeUpright Wellness Online Workshop 01 – “6 Things You Should Do While in Quarantine to Protect Your Health” – click here.
  • LifeUpright Wellness Online Workshop 02 – “Is Your Immunity READY to Protect You?” – click here
  • For future online workshops coming soon, click here to select those you are interested in.

“There is nothing that gets me more excited than seeing people have that ‘lightbulb moment’ when they understand what they can do to look and feel so much better, especially when they realise that it doesn’t have to be as hard as they expect.”

Susan Thomas