360-degree view of health/wellness

I have really loved the structure, consistency, and mostly, the personalization of this program! I have tried other programs that are cookie-cutter (great for workouts, not so great for food and overall wellness outside of diet and exercise). I love the fact that I have a weekly appointment where I can focus on my own wellness, and have an expert who I trust and can ask questions, and that we cover a 360-degree view of health/wellness.

Erin Busbee

Senior Group Supervisor, Dallas, Texas

Pregnancy Sucess through a journey with LifeUpright

Susan, from LifeUpright Wellness, was recommended to me by close friends after I was scheduled to begin IVF.  After having struggled with endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and having had surgery for endometriosis, my specialists had no more solutions to help me fall pregnant naturally and I was scheduled to begin IVF in six months.  As a last hope, I decided to reach out to Susan knowing that she had success with helping women in similar situations to me.  From our first conversations, it was evident that Susan was passionate about health and wellness and was prepared to walk with me on my journey towards achieving my personal goals.  She was incredibly insightful in her knowledge of nutrition and tailored a very specific plan to meet my individual health, dietary and lifestyle needs.

What impressed me most about Susan’s programme was that it was more than a meal plan.  She was motivated to help me understand nutrition, health and wellness to create permanent and long lasting solutions to a healthier lifestyle.  Our sessions were educational and inspiring and focused on my holistic needs, and as a result my husband and I were able to fall pregnant naturally (a wonderful surprise to us all).  I do believe that the dietary and lifestyle changes that I made; as a result of Susan’s programme, made this possible for me.  She checked in with me every week, which kept me accountable for my own progress.  Susan’s friendly and enthusiastic nature made our sessions very easy and fun, and I loved chatting with her and sharing my journey with her each week.

Susan, I cannot thank you enough for helping me lose weight, manage my stress, exercise frequently and balance my lifestyle.  Your ongoing support throughout this programme has been life changing!

Sonia G.

New Mom, Auckland, New Zealand

Experience great results and benefits every day

Despite being an active tennis player and regular gym attendee in my 50’s, I was overweight and lacking in energy at certain times of the day. After a doctor visit and blood tests revealing my glucose levels were unbalanced and heading in the wrong direction I contacted Susan Thomas to help me with a low carb/low sugar dietary program.

Susan introduced me to her LifeUpright program just 6 weeks ago and I continue to experience great results and benefits every day.

I am now eating well throughout the day and with food programs and ideas in line with my dietary goals. I no longer crave for food between meals and I have increased and sustainable energy throughout the day. My sleep patterns have improved, and my weight has dropped 4kg in the 6 weeks to date.

I am excited to continue working with Susan Thomas and her LifeUpright program. Susan is knowledgeable and professional but more importantly approachable and contactable. I fully endorse her and her programs.

I am also enjoying people coming up to me and saying, ‘gosh you’re looking well’ and ‘wow you’ve lost weight’ and ‘how can we do what you’re doing?

John Alexander

CPA, Auckland New Zealand

Fantastic Job

I go to sleep easier and faster and I’m sleeping 7 hours a night, which is more than I have slept in years… I am also calmer than before… My triglyceride levels have already come down (in less than 2 weeks). It is much better than other programs – it’s not a diet. It’s adjusting what you eat. In my case, it was not so much what I was eating, more so the order in what and when I eat certain food groups. I think Susan has done a fantastic job! I highly recommend this program.

R. Scribner

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Susan went above and beyond any coach!

I never thought I could change the way I ate and the associations I had with food. However with Susan’s help, I have completely overhauled my eating and my health. I am now eating more than ever but still managing to lose body fat. Susan went above and beyond any coach – she even went to my local sushi place to scout out what I can eat! She helped me change my relationship with food and I couldn’t be more grateful. I feel like I am set for life to better understand what I eat and how that changes my body. Thank you Susan!

Nirupa George

Auckland, New Zealand

Awesome results in just 11 days

My 15 yr old found it easy to incorporate (LifeUpright) Susan’s recommendations, which (at his request) included fast food options, ….he saw results, ….physical change, increased energy levels (and his) workouts benefited.

Picture of first 11 days progress of being on his LifeUpright nutrition plan

Karen P.

mother, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand

Professional Basketball

I played professional basketball in Europe for 13 years. I never worried about nutrition and was still able to do some amazing things on the court: 3 pt records and several scoring titles. Now, at 48 years old, I connected with Susan about nutrition and I’m able to do things on the court that I haven’t done in over 15 years! There’s no telling what I would have accomplished if I’d met Susan back when I was a professional basketball player.

David “DJ” Jones

Owner of Shooting For Success, San Antonio, TX

Easy Plan

(It is) Easy to stick to the plan, because I’m educated on what to eat, what to buy, and how to eat balanced. I enjoy the weekly calls, because it’s a chance to share how I’m feeling and how to apply the lessons to my daily life.

Julie C.

VP HR, Dallas, Texas

A total transformation

(The LifeUpright program) has been educational. I knew a fair amount before, but learned a lot, something every week… My initial goal was to lose weight and be healthier; I got a lot more than I bargained for!… I lost 6-7 lbs; my clothes fit looser and my overall health is a heck of a lot better… I’m more aware of what goes into my body and my general awareness education has come a long way – a total transformation and it’s been because of you

B. Fields

Associate VP, Dallas Texas

Definitely noticed the difference

Thank you so much for your guidance in the new Diet Plan you so kindly outlined for my husband and myself. We never felt pressured, you really focused on our needs. We have definitely noticed the difference, and really enjoy working with the menu you have suggested. Thank you so much for your support

Carol Friedman

Ellerslie, Auckland

Pre-cancerous cells are now gone

I really am so grateful for your direction and support. You have made such a difference in my life and have instilled so many confidence builders for me.  This has definitely been a hard year, but you have brought me so much hope and more importantly peace. Peace with both my situation, and myself. A little update on me – I had my first pap smear since the whole ordeal and my test was clear!!! So thankful for you! I’m truly blessed that God took me down that path.  It made me stronger in both my health and my faith and led me to you. I can’t imagine how many people you are doing the same for. I know you are changing many more lives.

Rachael C

Belton, Texas

Performing better

I’m gaining weight and in a lot better shape. I’ve improved my focus and I’m performing better and with more flexibility

M. Bradley

high school athlete, San Antonio, Texas

More energy & less stress

I’ve had a weight change in the hips and stomach. By these changes, I have more energy on the basketball court and my speed and quickness is noticeable. I also encountered clarity in my acne and my face became more clear…My stress level has gone down tremendously because of the meditation exercises…For about 15 minutes a day, I decrease my thoughts and let go of thinking and start to let my brain rest…(this has) helped me be more patient with the environment that I am always in. This program teaches more than the health of your body and what to consume on an everyday basis, but teaches you discipline. This discipline comes from motivation to not only see weight change but better health to live a long healthy life.

Mailee Jones

Division 1 collegiate athlete, San Antonio, Texas

On track to a healthy lifestyle

You were such a big help in getting me on track to a healthy lifestyle. I have continued to practice what you have taught me… It has been phenomenal. I think it was such an easy transition because you were easy to talk to and explained the nutrition and mental facts in such an easy way to understand. I really enjoyed the personality test because I was able to understand what drives me and what might slow me down. It was also interesting to learn about other types of personalities. I am able to look for those and understand what could potentially drive them as well. I’d say one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve gotten out of this program is understanding how to read labels. Before I would just pick any random cans of beans or tuna. Now I make sure to take my time and read the labels in order to consume the correct amount of nutrients.

Trent Nielson

San Antonio, Texas