steps to a better you

steps to a better you

8 habits that build confidence

1.  Have good posture

Stand tall with your head held high (not in a stuck-up kind of way), shoulders back and down, chest forward, shoulders aligned with hips and feet straight forward (not pointing out or in).

2.  Have a pleasant expression on your face

Show that you are a positive person to communicate with.

3.  Have your hands comfortably by your sides

NOT in pockets or crossed over your chest.

4.  Be approachable

So many young people today walk around with their head down, hair covering their eyes and being oblivious to those around them. They look anything but confident!

5.  Work on your smile

It’s the first thing people will notice if you’re using it! I used to smile and show a lot of upper gums.  When I went for my first photo shoot at the age of 14, I was told to practice smiling in the mirror NOT showing my gums. It helped to touch the roof of my mouth with the tip of my tongue so it made it almost impossible to show them.  Low and behold,  it worked!  I went on to win a Most Photogenic award in a pageant later that year!  Practice, practice, practice if this describes you!

6.  Put some effort in your style of dress, your gait (how you walk) and your makeup (girls) and hairstyle

The better you look the more confident you will feel!

7.  Accentuate the positives about your look, your shape, your fashion style and/or your hair

Divert attention from what you perceive as flaws.

8.  Have a good firm handshake and make eye contact with a smile when introducing yourself.

Remember their name and use it quickly in your conversation – this helps you to remember it.

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