Walking the Labyrinth

I walked a Labyrinth yesterday at St. Matthews-in-the-city, a gorgeous Anglican Church in the heart of Auckland City, New Zealand.  A Labyrinth, I learned, is a single pathway for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation.  There are no wrong turns as there is only one way to reach the center and then you reverse to complete your journey.  You contemplate clearing your thoughts and letting go of details in your life, focusing instead on your breath and embracing whatever feelings that arise.  The center is meant for meditation and prayer.  I did find this fascinating, exhilarating and challenging to do.  Perhaps letting go is easier said than done!


    1. SusanT

      It helps to get positive feedback. Honestly, I have experiences every now and then that I just have to post! Whether or not others get it is another story! Glad you got it!

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