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Thank you for visiting!  This website focuses on Nutrition & Wellness and directions for strategically living a happy, healthy and balanced life.  It’s a tool that my clients and YOU can use to access ideas, get inspired and stay motivated. LifeUpright emphasizes optimal wellness with attention paid to the major elements of your life: nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and relationships.  Whether you are new to LifeUpright or have been a long term supporter, I encourage you to follow along and leave comments or questions for me. I am eager to share my strategies with you!       - Susan Thomas

LifeUpright offers One-on-One Coaching:

My LifeUpright program introduces strategic living; being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE in managing and directing your life. Your journey with LifeUpright begins with a lifestyle and nutrition analysis, which is the gateway to a personalized, science based, Thirty40Thirty nutrition plan. You'll learn what foods and how much to eat to better control your hormonal responses to give you lasting energy and mental focus, as well as, increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat for a healthier and more shapely YOU!! Life often brings surprises, but having thoughtful strategies in place will give you the opportunity to better manage what life brings. Other methods are introduced to aid your nutritional foundation to bring a state of balance to the other areas of your wellness.

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